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After school

Leiner Ramos never kicked a ball when he was a child.


"Only if you were at least 17 you could play in one of the teams in El Salad", says Ramos.


But then the massacre happened and the paramilitaries took the life of his brother, a passionate football player of a once football-crazy village.


Today Leiner is passionate for the sport. "It changes your life", he says.


A project he started with the help of Fundación Semana might change the life of many more.

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Education is one of the key issues of El Salado. 35 minutes of dirt road distance the village from the next better highway.


Kids in the village are still comparatively lucky. They have access to primary and secondary education.


But children from the outskirts have less hope for their future.


Development expert Rubiela Rubiano from the Fundación Semana says: "The state does not offer education there. Their education is privatized.


The main problem of that is that teachers change very often per year and in many cases have the lowest qualifications. It's simply a cost factor"


Leiners' situation is similar to those of kids from the outskirts.


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